Recent Photos

3/4 Sib to N7R Durabull 27C and full Sib to N7R 27E

Sired by N7R Redhaven 16B and out of DIA N Goldberry 27Y ET

N7R 2015D, Halfblood - Braunvieh x Shorthorn

2017 babies.  Alot of Red Haven calves, they are coming easy and are good!!

27E bullcalf, Redhaven x Goldberry.



We are going back to using a few Fullbloods again for Braunvieh Foundation traits.

On the left is Miss Golden Link 4015, a Sambo 737 daughter we picked to bring some Fullblood Genetics back into our Herd..  She carries 7 out of 8 of the Quantum genes.

On the right is a double Hari bred cow, 6R that we are really excited about too.