Alex Cow Family

The Alex Cow Family here stems from the Great F022 Cow from Matt Alexander,

who may be the best Carcass Cow of the Braunvieh Breed.

We have two direct daughters, 514R and 510R.

DIA N Alex 514R


DIA N Alex 514R on the left-A Polled Purebred Mr Slate daughter out of the Alex cow family.  She is a full sib to DIA N Tiger, sire Lighting F and Diamond N Herdsire DIA N PolarSteel.  Her first daughter is the Ridgefield Farms donor DIA N Alex 736T that was dam of the 2010 Show heifer of the year. 

DIA N Alex 32Y on the right and a daughter of 514R with a super disposition, udder and overall look. Likely will be our 2015 donor cow.



DIA N Alex 510R, who is sired by Basic Beef, and she may be the best cow on the place.  Her first calf was the champion steer carcass at the Beef Empire Days in 2009. 

Her last calf is DIA N Sweet Thing the 2014 Show Heifer of the Year.

This is her 2014 Bonafide daughter.



Miss Golden Link 2015

Picture above is Miss Golden Link 2015-Polled Purebred out of

Mr Golden Link "Gold Nugget" 5165. 

2015 is the dam to DIA N Goldberry, DIA N Polled Rascal and DIA N PolarSteel.  

Mike Long, Ulysses, KS, owns half interest in 2015.


N7R Eve 39Y is a Genesis daughter out of 2015 that is doing a super job for us. Pictured here with this years bull calf who is really thick and growing.. 



MS Pol Blac 601M

Miss Pol-Blac 601M-   601M is a daughter of our E101 cow that we consider to be one of our Foundation Cow Lines. 601M may be the best black cow in the breed.  She is a polled purebred, homozygous black cow  and  on her paternal side is a Risson x H8135 granddaughter and goes back to the same 4632 cow family as Miss Golden Link 2015. 

She is the dam to DIA N Polled Revelation who topped his category at the first National Bull Test, see him on our Herd Sires Page.

She is also dam to our Herd Sire DIA N Polar Bear 922W.  Semen Available, see Herd Sires page. 






The Importance of COW FAMILIES

We have found whether its raising Bulls that rank high in National Bull Tests, or Steers that win Carcass Contests, or Females that are the Type and Kind that is good enough to attract National Attention, we cannot get there by breeding mediocre cows even if we use the best AI Sires available. To make the really good ones,

more often than not it takes genetics of merit on the dam side.    

Bull, Steer, and Heifer progeny are all we ever get out of our cows, so we feel pretty strong about having the kind of cows that can make this 3 legged stool we sit on keep us sitting upright.  If we raise a calf and it can't make a value added bull, or a good feeding and killing steer, or a replacement female as good as her mom,

then we should'nt be in the business of selling breeding stock to others.

Its the strength of the Cows we have bred and culled around, or cows we have bought and then identified over time that allow us to proudly call ourselves Seedstock Producers.