Nebraska Grassfed Beef

No Antibiotic or Hormone Growth Promotants

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      Products and price per pound list:    

Ground Beef..................................................$6.50

Fine Ground Round .........................................$7.00

Roasts-Rump, Chuck, and Arm.............................$7.00

Shish-Kabob Meat and TenderizedRound Steak...$7.00

Sirloin, Chuck, and Flank Steak............................$10.00

Rib Eye and New York Strip Steak ....................$15.00


We also offer Broth Bones with meat ($6.00 lb),or without meat ($3 each) on them, either of which make excellent Beef Broth! 

Nebraska Grassfed Beef is available at:

Kuper Farm Store in Norfolk, NE,

Red Apple in Columbus, NE,

Custom Pack in Hastings, NE (ground beef only),

and direct from Nelson 7 Ranch in Hastings, NE. 



 Nebraska Grassfed Beef is better for a lot of reasons.

Our cattle are always on pasture, with tthe Majority of their diet being Grass.  Our cattle always have all the grass and forage available to them they want to eat.  They are also allowed to eat a free choice/limited intake supplement as needed, which makes up a minority part of their feedstuff intake.  This is done for several reasons: 

  • With a  higher level of nutrition, cattle can be harvesed at a market weight at a younger age than most grassfed beef, making out beef more tender than other Grassfed Beef.
  • With this higher level of nutrition, cattle have extra nutritonal uptake so they marble.  Marbling is the intramuscular fat that runs through meat fibers.  This is unlike external fat that is unhealthy to eat, intramuscular fat is the good fat that has many health benefits and adds to the flavor of out beef.
  • Our special supplement is formulated to control daily intake to always be a very small, but powerful part of their diet.  Ingredients include some of the same things most of us with a heatlhy lifestyle supplement our food with:  probiotics, flax, and fish oil.Supplemention allows a way to feed a probiotic yeast is fed which helps with fiber digestion and improves gut health which leads to a high nutrient uptake from the gut.  This symbiotic combination of high fiber and digestability makes for the healthiest cattle.
  • Fish oil and flax is included in this supplement to add to the Omega 3 levels in our beef, which is already high due to our beef being grassfed.  The fish oil is what limits intake of the supplement and we monitor amount consumed so grass or forage is always the vast majority of what our cattle eat.
  • This is Nebraska, and green grass does not grow year round. We make a special effort to harvest the best hay during the summer to feed our cattle in the winter.  Also during the winter we always offer our cattle the choice to free range graze in addition to having all the hay they choose to eat.  But try as we might, this falls short of green grass in regards to the best Grassfed Beef.  However, our special limited intake supplement fills in the seasonal gaps in nutrition, so our beef does not skip a beat througout the year in regards to health, tenderness, or flavor.
  • For the record, (through careful record keeping), we know our pastured steers feedstuff intake is 85% Grass/Forage over their lifetime.  Honestly it would be easier to just have them graze only grass, but we are very intentional in raising HIGH QUALITY Grassfed Beef that is Great for You and Great Tasting. 
  • So in summary, we are not 100% Grassfed, but very close to it.  We see this as a huge benefit as our beef has all the the same attributes you expect from Grassfed Beef and an exceptional eating experience at the same time!

Nebraska Grassfed Beef is better for even more reasons. 

Nebraska Grassfed Beef is currently all sourced from Nelson 7 Ranch,

where 7 Standards are in place for our customers.  Everything we do is very intentional and done for the welfare of our cattle, our land, and our customers. 

As any new suppliers are added,

these 7 Standards will also be met and fulfilled by these new suppliers.

The Nelson 7 Ranch Standards

  • Source-All cattle are from a known source from Birth, and grazed and harvested in Nebraska..
  • Humane-All cattle are raised in a Humane manner by following our Beef Quality Assurance Training and Certification.
  • Environmental-7 Ranch rotationally grazes our pastures and selects for Low Residual Feed Intake genetics, both of which leaves a softer environmental footprint with sustainable production. 
  • No Antibiotic Growth Promotants-No Sub Theraputic Antibiotics.
  • No Synthetic Hormone Growth Promotants-No Hormone implants.
  • Food Safety-7 Ranch selects for PSR (Phenotypic Salmonella Resistant) genetics which have been shown by Iowa State to eliminate Salmonella from beef, and our beef is dry aged for a minimum of 3 weeks which has been shown by University of Wisconson research to eliminate E-coli.
  • Quality-7 Ranch has bred cattle for over 20 years with marbling as a priority.  As a result our Beef has won National recognition by winning the Steer Carcass contest in the prestigeous Beef Empire Days contest in Garden City, KS. Our bulls are ultrasounded for carcass quality to keep improving our already great genetics. Aging our Beef also enhances our quality.  With our beef being Grassfed, it is lean and high in Omega 3's.  The dry aging process also gives a more robust beefy note to our beef.


At left is a Ribeye from a high placing N7R Steer at the National Western Fed Beef Contest,


In the middle is the first N7R Sire we raised and identified to meet all of our genetic criteria for our Beef, we named him Redhaven. 


At Right is a compilation of some awards N7R has won over the years, including: Silver platter for having top Steer Carcass at the Beef Empire Days, Rosettes and banners from National Western Stock Show.

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